Client Testimonials

These are the things we love, we love a great job done right, we love receiving positive feedback from clients and we love hearing it! Read below to find out what our clients had to say about their experiences with us. And no, this is one secret we do not keep to ourselves!

TWICE CAFE Ekaterina Kopanitsa

I would like to share my genuine feedback and express gratitude to Restaurant Secrets’ team for their professionalism, dedication loyalty and commitment.

I am lucky enough, as a new business owner, to have RSI team by my side, to take us through all the challenges in the process of opening a restaurant, but also going the extra mile to make sure that everything is at the highest level starting from the interior design and to the point where the business is up and running successfully.

They are a group of talented, passionate individuals who will always have your back and be completely honest with you no matter what. If I ever have another project, there’s no one else I would rather have by my side than RSI team and their great leader Gabrielle F. Mather! Totally recommend them to anyone who is in F&B, new or experienced, cause you won’t find anyone better than them to take care of you and your business, also , their list of services covers all you’ll ever need to take your project to the next level! "

Samakna - 2022 Sabina Saldanha

We chose RSI because of its extensive restaurant industry experience and proven track record of successful projects. Our meeting with Gabrielle reinforced our decision as we witnessed her passion for her work and expertise.

By selecting RSI, we have gained valuable insights into the local restaurant industry in the UAE. This has been helpful in refining our restaurant concept and identifying the optimal location for its establishment.

The team at RSI demonstrates tremendous expertise. We appreciate their efforts in taking the time to truly understand our business, industry, and project objectives. They have leveraged their knowledge and skills to design and implement the best possible solution.

Monkit - 2022

We chose RSI based on the many successful restaurants they helped launch. RSI assisted us with Menu Engineering and Staff Training. Each service provided by them was excellent – the tastings, exploring different ingredients, learning the secrets behind assembling burgers, and all the smallest of details.

RSI has always been swift with their response and understood every task clearly while meeting all project deadlines. We would definitely recommend RSI for being very supportive, insightful, patient, and professional and for helping us through our journey.

Alya Alkaabi
Co-founder, Monkit

Nine50 - 2022

We were looking for the best restaurant consultancy firm in the UAE and Restaurant Secrets Inc. caught our eye. Our journey with RSI started with a simple query, and their swift response was a good indication of how well the company was structured.    With RSI, we developed the concept of our brand new QSR business and also a strong, potential long-term partnership. We loved the result of their Menu Development service. The team ensured the project met the set timelines with timely delivered milestones throughout the project, along with flexibility in accommodating our extra last-minute requests.    I would recommend RSI without hesitation, especially Gabrielle F. Mather for treating Nine50 as their own business and for doing everything they could to make it successful.

M1 Café & Lounge - 2022 Matar Ali Al Ketbi

I chose RSI for their ability to achieve goals and their experience. The team was sincerely present at all stages of the project. I received the best results in terms of financial management, menu development & the feasibility study

The Meat Avenue - 2022 Mahdi Jaber

The dedicated and creative team at RSI helped us uplift the brand image by upgrading the Brand Identity and creating unique social media content. They are always up-to-date with the newest trends and always come up with a creative approach, offering 360-degree solutions to new and established F&B companies.

Else Restaurant - 2022 Husam Alzahim

We achieved amazing results for our many objectives with RSI – a unique menu, chefs that fit our project, and the right dinnerware. I would recommend the consistency of their consultancy & the great consultants they have!

Selene Restaurant and Cafe - 2021 Hamda Alkuwaiti

I choose RSI based on their project portfolio and their high delivery standards. With them, I was able to establish my restaurant concept, feasibility study, and also branding.
Seeing my thoughts convert into goals with reasonable ways to achieve it, my favorite part was brainstorming the concept and its establishment. This integrated team of experts helped us achieve our dream.

BaoFriend - 2022 Junah B. Corona

A highly experienced team that exceeds your expectations with their professional services. The CEO, Gabrielle, is very approachable and super hands-on throughout the project. RSI is one of the bests consultancy companies you could ever have!

Duckdive - 2021 Thomas Rougié

RSI had good experience and expertise in their field. Gabrielle and Brian quickly understood the concept and channeled my ideas with their professional background. The team was extremely fast to reply, even on short notice; I would definitely recommend them.

Xshot Café - 2020 Abdulla Salem

After receiving recommendations and doing extensive background study of the company and previous projects we chose to work with RSI. Their experience and exposure in restaurants is tremendous, our best part was experiencing the strength in front of house and back of house operations which is key for any business. Even though it was a preliminary visit to observe, we appreciate their deep study into our location and their proposals for launching our group with a new solid formation, we now understand how to create the foundation for our corporate structure and the important aspects to monitor.

Cut Pizza - 2020 Abdulla Salem

After receiving recommendations and doing extensive background study of the company and previous projects we chose to work with RSI. Their experience and exposure in restaurants is tremendous, our best part was experiencing the strength in front of house and back of house operations which is key for any business. Even though it was a preliminary visit to observe, we appreciate their deep study into our location and their proposals for launching our group with a new solid formation, we now understand how to create the foundation for our corporate structure and the important aspects to monitor.

Tapas - 2021 Amer Al Khaja

When we met with the team, we felt that they understood and were aware of our interests and Ideas and they understood what we wanted. With RSI we were able to complete our project and achieve all desired goals and objectives. I am really happy with them, they take great care of the customers and provide a full support, they even offered extra support and ideas in excess of the scope.

Heal Cafe - 2021 Kader & Guillaume

We were looking for a consultant and RSI was recommended to us. Through our workings with the team we were able to achieve exactly what we set out to do which was to come away from the process with a true, non-inflated analysis of the opportunity we had at hand. The enthusiasm and dynamic pair that is Gabrielle and Brian was a pleasure to work with. We are extremely happy with the detailed content and documentation received.

Skeek Restaurant & Cafe - 2021 Abdullah AlGhubi

I chose RSI based on their portfolio of projects and their experience in the industry, by having RSI audit my outlet I was able to identify gaps within my brand and can now maintain a better quality control and monitoring system. The aspect I liked most about working with RSI was their cooperation, they were not like most companies who rush to finish at the earliest and leave, it was like a long term relationship from the beginning.

Food O'clock - 2020 Mostafa Amshan

We ultimately chose RSI for their reputation. We had seen the stellar work done for their sister company outlets and it inspired a lot of confidence in their team. They helped us take our desired project and converted into a real & functional brand. We loved the Brand Identity created, it helped us formulate our strategy moving forward and gave us boundaries which we could focus and chart our journey. We were more than satisfied with what we’ve achieved and look forward to working with RSI again in the future.

Utopia Bakery - 2020 Shamma Summait

I chose to work with RSI due to their vast experience in the field and that they have worked on many great projects before. The service I received from RSI was excellent. Everyone that we worked with was very helpful, friendly and easygoing. From the first consultation with Gabrielle, she was very interested in the concept, she was able to give me a clear picture of what we needed. She offered valuable advice, was a great listener and took everything I said into consideration...

Chef Brian was very knowledgeable about all items we were looking to develop, he trained our team members and made everything smooth and comfortable for everyone, we also worked closely with Nuwan in the baking section, he even visited our outlet in order to offer further training. With his help we were able to perfect the bread items. He was very resourceful in his craft.

I would recommend RSI to anyone looking for help with their menu engineering as they made the process really smooth and the results are great!

That Cafe - 2020 Farah Al Bakoush

I previously worked with RSI for an older project that I had done, their level of attention and professionalism is one of the reasons I decide to use them once again for my latest project. I found the techniques used to develop my new menu interesting and was pleased with how special our menu ended up being. They are great at listening to the client’s needs and care about the identity of the brand, they are also great with the guidance they give to the clients during the process. The consultants made me feel at ease and I was happy with the support I received.

Buns of Steel - 2017 Abdulla Alketbi

I would recommend RSI to others, from the first meeting I understood why RSI has the reputation it did. The staff are friendly, they are always there for support, they bring something new to the table. My favourite part of the project was the design of our brand.

Delish - 2017 Farah Al Bakoush

I would recommend RSI due to their professionalism to consultancy and dedication to the client. The comprehensive introduction by the team that made me feel confident that my concept would be brought to life. The quality provided by RSI was superior and I now have the confidence to start my project.

Zeit’Olio - 2018 Shohrat

RSI’s professionalism, knowledge and quality of their work is why I chose them as my consultants. I really enjoyed working with the whole team and I would recommend them to anyone because they are able to deliver exactly what they promise.

Dice Craft - 2017 Khalid Almehairbi

A friend recommended RSI to me to assist with creating a business plan. They were able to develop the concept beyond what I had in mind, which showed how much they cared about my project. The office was a really welcoming space with very friendly team. Very professional.

Malawal - 2017 Mona Al Ali

The best part of working with RSI was the overall experience and the final product that they deliver. Initially I chose RSI due to the previous projects they have done but having an experienced team handle my project in the correct manner, having the detailed work done was the path to avoiding failure with the concept.

Zaad Zone - 2018 Yaser Darwish

If you want consultants who are able to add value to your project, RSI is the team. They are available when you need and have the utmost professionalism when delivering the services as promised.

Levee Café and Lounge - 2017 Kareem Fahmy

I would recommend RSI for their creativity and their positivity. I loved the branding they delivered.

Tamar - 2016 Imtiyaz Hamad

RSI was the only consultancy form that offered all the services under one roof, they used the idea in my head and gave it meaning so that I could move forward.

Bake A Boo - 2016 Fahad Al Baghli

After much research, I decided to go ahead with RSI and I am glad I did. They are very professional and trustworthy. I was able to get everything I needed to implement and execute my business. Definitely would recommend them!

Planet X - 2018 Mubarak Al Kindi

I chose RSI for their reputation, and I am happy that I got to work with the best firm. They have a great team with great experience and professionalism.

Sushina - 2016 Ahmed Al Hamed

Initially it was the website that attracted me to RSI, but the free consultation sealed the deal. I loved the logo and the stationery that was designed for my concept. Their passion to make my vision come alive was the best part.

Tartina - 2016 Mounia Kaddoura

By choosing RSI we managed to build a concept from A to Z, the feasibility study enabled us to get another investor on board. They have a large list of clients which is why I would recommend them and I already have!

Terra Gaia - 2016 Juliana Santosh

I heard of RSI via word of mouth, I was pleased with the concept they put together for me. The team was very friendly. I’m quite satisfied with their work.

Twelve - 2016 Nawaf Fahad Al Ali

I enjoyed the way RSI represented themselves, I was able to improve my projects and arrange my thoughts through working with them. They were able to connect so well with my vision.

Colt - 2018 Wael Alsalimi

RSI have such amazing ideas and a great reputation. They always delivered on time and has such a dedication to my project. We love the result of their consultancy on our project and would recommend them to anyone looking for the help.

Roti Rollers - 2016 Ahsan & Rachel Kahlon

We dealt with both Ralph and Gaby and with their consultancy we achieved all we set out to they have a bank of knowledge and experience of the F&B industry in Dubai, the UAE and Beyond. From the moment we stepped into their offices we felt like a team, we felt were in safe hands. They made our dream a reality. Absolutely recommend them!

@blend - 2016 Mohammed Al Sadiq

RSI was able to provide full comprehensive service from conceptual development up until completion. They are experienced consultants with unmatched market insights. We loved the responsiveness and care we received from the RSI team. They treated our project as if if were their own.

Jolie - 2016 Eman Al Qwais

With the help of RSI I now have a clear idea on how to start my business and to start it in a clever way at that! They were flexible but remained creative throughout the process.

Dabang - 2018 Abdolmonem

RSI is multidisciplinary combining concept creation with execution and all the way to the finished product. I already knew the concept I wanted and what I needed was someone to bring it to life, give it an identity, get a great location and partner with me until it is done. I was able to get that with RSI.

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