Fusion Restaurant

2021-03-02 - The new sushi

The result of 2 young Emirati entrepreneurs’ search for ‘The new Sushi’, Sushina is an experience that fuses with flair and immaculate perfection, exotic Arabian flavors and Japanese culinary sensibilities.

The core existence of Sushina is based on fusing flavors from both cultures to create a signature new taste. Right from cuisine to social habits, norms, fashion, art & culture, Sushina acknowledges all common elements between these two cultures with wit & humor. The result is a young vivacious brand full of fun, creative & adventurous spirit. A brand that honors traditions & builds a creative bridge with memorable food & good humor.


Scope of work:

  • Brand Identity & Brand Communication
  • Concept Creation
  • Khalifa Fund Compliant Feasibility Studies
  • Interior Design
  • Head Hunt
  • Menu Development
  • Website Development
  • Brand Management
  • Product Design – Specialized Packaging
  • Back of The House Restaurant Operating Systems
  • Front of the House Restaurant Operating Systems
  • Sales & Marketing Management Restaurant Operating Systems
  • Personnel Management Restaurant Operating Systems
  • Business & Financial Management Restaurant Operating Systems 
  • Product Design – Specialized Packaging
  • Pre-Opening Support


Operational in WTC Mall, Abu Dhabi, since May 2017

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