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Gabrielle F. Mather
I welcome you to RSI and thank you for getting in touch. RSI is a company built on age-old values of trust & stewardship. We specialize in F&B solutions with 360 degree services for both start-ups & mature F&B companies. At our heart we are people of passion & purpose, built to support entrepreneurs with expertise & integrity. With almost two decades in the industry, we have had the privilege of serving clients in GCC & other international countries. With more than 300 projects under our belt, we are constantly learning & evolving. I invite you to navigate through the website, our social media platforms & testimonials.

Gabrielle F. Mather CEO & Founder

Gabrielle Mather, is the CEO & Founder of Restaurant Secrets Inc (estd 2011), Cornerstone 61 Consultancy (estd 2021) & 1640 Bistronomy (estd 2023).

For over two decades, F&B has been Gabrielle's passion, driving her to continually evolve and learn. As a seasoned restaurateur and operator, she enjoys the trust of a diverse clientele across the GCC, serving as their esteemed F&B consultant. In her leadership role as CEO/Founder of Restaurant Secrets Inc (established 2011), Cornerstone 61 Consultancy (established 2021), and 1640 Bistronomy (established 2023), she represents innovation and excellence.

At the helm of Restaurant Secrets since 2011, Gabrielle has led the incubation of multiple F&B ventures, delivering over 400 concepts to date. Her profound impact is evidenced by her leadership in developing F&B concepts, with expertise spanning back-of-house and front-of-house operations, concept creation, menu development, interior design, and brand development. Leading a team of dedicated professionals, she orchestrates holistic solutions for launching and sustaining restaurants, seamlessly integrating business strategy into operational success. Her track record in transforming business strategies into tangible operational processes and acclaimed F&B concepts, a skill honed through hands-on experience and collaboration with exceptional colleagues and clients.

Additionally, as the former COO and Co-Founder of Lincoln Hospitality (2018 to April 2020), she played a pivotal role in rebranding four prime Emaar properties, including La Serre, The Loft at Dubai Opera, Taikun, and Distillery.

Her newest venture of 2023, 1640 Bistronomy, serves as a vibrant culinary hub and pop-up venue, serving as an all-day European bistro, a culinary center for innovation & development of brands under the Restaurant Secrets umbrella as well as offering new start-ups a space to showcase their products as limited pop ups making the pre-opening challenges easier.

With a Business (Marketing) degree from the University of Hartford and certifications in BVQI - ISO Quality Auditing and Luxury Product Development from the University of London, Gabrielle embodies a blend of academic rigor and practical expertise. Her life journey is characterized by relentless pursuit of excellence and intentional growth, guided by the synergy of grit, gratitude, and faith in action. She views success as an ongoing journey towards realizing one's fullest potential.

Looking ahead to 2024, Gabrielle’s multifaceted plans include expanding 1640 Bistronomy, introducing new brands and franchising these concepts through Restaurant Secrets Inc. Her tireless dedication and visionary leadership continue to shape the landscape of the F&B industry, inspiring innovation and excellence at every turn.

Who we are

We are a team of expert restaurant consultants & business incubators in the UAE, who have been providing 360 degree total F&B incubation in-house since 2008 with over 300 project s under our belt.

Who we are
RSI Team

What sets
us apart

  1. We are the only full solution F&B firm in the Middle East & most parts of the world, that provides total F&B incubation in-house. This unique Business set up ensures synergistic results as teams work together to develop all elements of a concept. Nothing is outsourced.
  2. We have helped our home-grown brands & other established F&B businesses develop SOPs & franchise systems for successful penetration in foreign markets.
  3. We have taken the most successful tried and tested methods of launching successful restaurants and fine-tuned them for many dynamic entrepreneurs & investors throughout the past two decades, which can be measured by the magnitude & quality of our home-grown projects.

What sets
us apart

  1. Our expertise in F&B business incubation & fully equipped in-house team of F&B & Creative professionals ensures successful turn-key execution with all factors including concept development, menu engineering, business plans, interiors, branding & marketing to hiring the right staff.
  2. We offer local intelligence to foreign franchisers seeking locations, local inputs & talent requisition.
  3. We are the only ISO-certified F&B consultancy firm in the region. We guarantee continuous quality assurance in our work through our ISO Quality Management Certification.

Project Awards & Mentions

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