Café, Tea & Lounge

2021-03-01 - I am the Victorian

The Victorian Café is a tribute to the finest that this period has to offer with an astute understanding of today’s urban sensibilities. It’s a revival of what’s still relevant, romantic and inspiring in today’s modern world with indispensable amenities and luxuries. We exist to bring to life subtle timeless etiquettes, architecture, art, cuisine and fashion in a very creative modern manner.


Scope of work:

• Brand Identity & VEX
• Concept Creation
• Concept Brochure
• Concept Video
• Financial Projections & Investment Analysis
• General Research
• F&B Operations Documents
• Pre-Opening Support
• Operation System Training
• Menu Design
• Interior Design
• Packaging Development
• Website Development 


Operational in City Walk 2 Boulevard, Dubai, since February 2017

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