Equestrian Themed Café

2018-10-19 - Live The Equestrian Life

RSI’s journey to conceptualizing Colt began when Wael reached out to us with a dream of introducing a quintessentially posh café in the GCC region that’s completely in a league of its own.

Why an equestrian-themed courtyard café? Our idea was to offer a stylish café that stays true to the strong horse-riding heritage of the region. ‘Colt’ takes its name from a young male horse, reminiscent of the noble identity of the English country-side. Also inspired by authentic British flavours, Colt’s menu celebrates the diverse and eclectic mix that represents The Great Britain’s indigenous cuisine. Its interiors also play with rich fabrics to create a space that’s reflective of the rich colonial era.

Combining the brand’s charisma, grandiose interiors and nouvelle cuisine with the energy of Dubai’s vibrant food scene, Colt aims to deliver a remarkable equestrian journey for everyone.

Scope of Work:

  • Concept Creation (including Concept Idea & Business Model Canvas)
  • Brand Identity Development (including Logo & Full Stationery Set)
  • Feasibility study
  • Concept Brochure
  • Video Design
  • Interior Design Inspiration
  • Branding Guidelines (Visual Standards Manual)
  • Headhunt
  • Personnel Systems & Training
  • Operations Support
  • Website Development
  • Brand Management


Opening in 2018

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