Sandwich Shop

2021-03-06 - It’s where East meets West

We love sandwiches! And we love Indian Street food. Roti Rollers is a new urban sandwich brand that’s creating new offerings from old favourites, that you can enjoy. It’s where East meets West, taste meets style & the exotic exceeds your expectations.


Scope of Work:

• Brand Identity & VEX
• Concept Creation
• Concept Brochure
• Concept Video
• Uniform Design
• Financial Projections & Investment Analysis
• General Research
• F&B Operations Documents
• Pre-Opening Support
• Kitchen Design
• Interior prototype Design
• Head Hunt
• Website Development
• Menu Concept Supervision


Operational in Dar Al Wasl, Dubai, since August 2017
Opening soon in La Mer, Dubai, October 2017

Visit their website:

“From the moment we stepped into their offices we felt like a team, we felt were in safe hands” Read More