Luxury Dates Confectionery

2017-07-06 - Luxury Dates Confectionery

Scope of Work:

  • Brand Identity Development
  • Concept Development
  • Concept Video
  • Uniform Design
  • F&B Management
  • Pre-Opening Support
  • Market Research

Tamãr is a stylish and classic date confectionary shop for confectionery and date lovers who seek authentic and luxurious date offerings. Experience the true taste of UAE heritage and style with luxury confectionery products made from the finest dates from around the world.

Enter and be surrounded by dates, its history, its nobility and its advantage. Our space celebrates and honors the date and symbolizes its immortality through craftsmanship, cultural details and the highest quality finishes. 

Tamãr is a one of a kind date shop that may mark your first memorable encounter with this fruit or elevate past experiences with a new introduction to this ancient fruit’s nobility and benefits. Factors like taste, touch, knowledge and choice are built into your Tamãr date experience.