Greek Street-Food Concept

2022-01-01 - Greek on the Street

Raised on the streets of Athens, Pita Greek wraps up everything that people love about Greek food into a delicious home-made Pita bun & brings to Dubai, authentic flavors with regional fun.

Pita Greek was built keeping those in mind who may enjoy traditional Greek flavours, but who also seek out-of-the-box experiences. It appeals to the adventurous foodie, while remaining totally relevant to those seeking refined tastes. It intends to serve a niche target market & pioneer a new mindset on what street food is all about.

Scope of Work:

  • Concept Creation (including Concept Idea & Business Model Canvas)
  • Brand Identity Development (including Logo & Stationery Set)
  • Headhunt
  • Interior Design Inspiration
  • Menu Development
  • Operations Support