2022-01-01 -

Scope of Work:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Market Research
  • Financial Management
  • Menu Development
  • Head Hunt
  • Chef Training

Frango is a fast-food brand in the Middle East that strives to be the best in town amidst a bustling food scene. They differentiate themselves by offering fast-food with exciting twists and turns. From unique double-toppings that include gourmet sauces and unconventional ingredients to their focus on delivering crispy and addictive fries, Frango goes above and beyond the traditional fast-food experience.

What sets Frango apart is their attention to detail. They carefully consider every element, from the crunch of the lettuce to the size of the bun, to ensure a memorable and satisfying fast-food experience. By incorporating innovative flavors, creative presentations, and harmonious blends of textures, Frango aims to surprise and delight customers' taste buds.

In this fiercely competitive market, Frango understands that success lies in providing fast-food that stands out. They continually strive to up the ante and offer customers an elevated fast-food experience with their exciting twists and turns.