The "I Want To Open A Restaurant In Dubai" Dream!

Written by: Gabrielle F. Mather, Founder & CEO of Restaurant Secrets Inc

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It's incredible how, when asked, even people who may not dream of risking a venture into business, might invariably harbor this desire, “… I would love to have my own restaurant or café someday, somewhere nice...”

The classic reasoning behind this is that many people feel that the food business is all about cooking and selling good food! “My mom cooks great food, if I open a restaurant and sell the delicious food she cooks, it would be a hit!”. Honestly, how many of us have said that or at least thought that aloud? I did. Twenty years back. And that’s how my journey began...

Food evokes such emotions and passion in us that many enterprising investors believe:

  • It’s so easy to run a restaurant
  • It’s only food after all
  • How could I go wrong?
  • A good chef and good location is all I need
  • Let's open a restaurant, it's easy business

Here are some ‘Secrets’ of this business that I have learned the hard way, through operating my own restaurants, through educating myself in this industry and simply by refusing to stop learning.

  • The PROFITABLE Restaurant Business is not just about food (yes you heard that right)
  • Yes, The Restaurant Business is one of the most profitable businesses but also one of the most competitive businesses you could venture into
  • The SUCCESSFUL Restaurant Business Model uses Systems & Manuals just as other businesses related to Engineering, Retail, IT, Car Rental etc… depend on (Aha!)
  • The Checklists and procedures needed to stay operationally viable and thus profitable and successful in this business run into hundreds of documents
  • That the cost controls needed in this business are intricate and crucial to actually make money and not lose it daily
  • That if you don’t provide Systems and Procedures to good qualified people to run your restaurant, you could land up becoming a slave to your own business
  • That without the right Systems guiding your Service, Operations, Sales & Marketing direction, you will be working hard to pay the Landlord, Suppliers and Staff while you stay unpaid
  • That besides your ability as a leader will determine if you take a great concept to successful business level.
  • That you could soon be looking for buyers for a failing restaurant rather than customers to walk into your store if you ignore the importance of a clear direction & focused management style.
  • That it may not be Rocket Science to run a restaurant successfully but it’s also not just about 'cooking food and selling it’

So if you are contemplating going into the food business, opening your dream restaurant or café or if you are seriously thinking of opening your own restaurant in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, consider doing it right the first time. Start with passion – GREAT FOOD and then integrate and blend that passion into the right ingredients to make a great business.

We at Restaurant Secrets Inc help you do exactly that. Our expertise lies in taking your dream and vision to the necessary levels of an actually viable Business Model. And we make all this happen through tried and tested, researched and copyrighted methods we have developed over a journey of almost 2 decades. Our Secret is the ‘Restaurant Prototype Systems’ ™ that systematically help you launch, operate and manage your restaurant, expand it into multi units and eventually prepare you to a franchise-able level.

So if you are about to open a restaurant in Dubai or UAE, or if you are a Restaurant owner losing money every day and need help, give yourself and your business a chance. Learn the secrets to actually succeed in the Restaurant Business. Save yourself the losses; invest into your CORE business. We take you on a learning journey and we find immense joy and satisfaction in sharing with you what we have learned. We don’t tell you how to run your business; we equip you to run it yourself, the right way – the profitable way. And while you are thinking, but how much would all these amazing lessons actually cost me! Can I afford it? We ask you – how can you not? Our pricing is based on our core business philosophy 'Serve and add value to every offering'.