Is Karak taking over the Latte scene?

Written by: Gabrielle F. Mather, Founder & CEO of Restaurant Secrets Inc

Karak scene

Not just any tea will do. While Starbucks invaded the desert soil & slowly took over every street corner, the traditional Chaiwala still toils away with a steady flow of luxury cars driving up for what can only be described ‘soul satisfaction in a Cup’. The humble karak has launched successful businesses like Karak House & Filli Café. Our very own home-grown Jolie Café first gained its fan following with the Rose Cardmamom Chai Latte, a trendy version of the karak, that still drives in the crowds after a year & Time Out award under their belt. We forecast that karak will find a new Avatar in 2018. Flavors will be explored, presentations will exceed expectations & even the most uppety place will feature this humble but stoic comforter in recessions & depressions. Watch out as we write yet another ‘Karak to Premium Karak’ success story, taking a successful Karak brand to another level with a revamped menu. So Tea is another concept where tea leads the entire experience, due to open in 2018. Don’t miss out, enjoy a whole potful of this heartwarming souled drink at B’Dou Café, our Urban Emirati café in
City Walk 1.