Dubai will eat ‘healthier’ without compromising on its ‘foodie’ status.

Written by: Gabrielle F. Mather, Founder & CEO of Restaurant Secrets Inc

Healthy x beautiful

With such a passionate & diverse community, Dubai is equipped to eat better, without compromising on creativity & exotic appeal. This dynamic city has been launching & supporting successful ventures to become a sustainable lifestyle not just passing fads. The success of beach-front projects JBR, Kite Beach & now La Mer, cycling tracks at Al Qudra, Sky Dive Dubai, Skateboard parks clearly indicate that this ever-growing community of sun worshippers & adventurous experiential types is here to stay. While healthy will get trendier in 2018 it will be a heartwarming, social, delicious kind of healthy. ‘Burn off’ rather than ‘Ban off’ is the Dubai attitude. We hunt for delicious favorites done ‘healthier’ without compromise on taste or satisfaction. It’s not about dieting but living passionately while choosing food that nourishes & sustains, not abstains. Some of our upcoming projects this year include a cycling community café, fun but ‘better’ ice pop bar, menus that look & taste gorgeous without guilt. And yes, Greek, the most exotic yet nourishing cuisine, is definitely here to stay. Look out for our urban Greek London import from Mayfair launching at the new Fashion avenue in Dubai mall this year. Healthy x beautiful in Dubai.