Black is back, and that includes your food

Written by: Gabrielle F. Mather, Founder & CEO of Restaurant Secrets Inc

Black is back

In stark contrast to the baby hues and glittering shades of last year’s unicorn trend, the bold black trend is not just back, but constantly evolving. What started from squid ink to the black burger phenomenon pioneered by Burger King and reinvented by our beloved Jolie Café in the His Burger, has infused itself into almost every food group and beverage. Crossing over to the dark side is not as daring as it may seem though, as many of the black ingredients are natural and beneficial. Coconut ash, largely used in this noir trend, has detoxifying properties, squid ink is high in iron and black cocoa contains almost no fat. And that’s not even the most exciting part! Certain black ingredients dramatically affect flavor profiles. Black garlic is rumoured to taste like sweet potato soaked in balsamic and black cocoa adds a bitter taste to desserts, making them a touch more savoury. We look forward to seeing what more this food trend whips up as it adds an intelligent creativity that chefs, and foodies, enjoy discovering.