2022-09-07 - Exclusive Shisha Restaurant & Lounge

Scope of Work:

  • Concept Development
  • Location Consultancy

Vyvet is an exclusive Shisha Restaurant, Bar & Lounge boasting elegant, alluring interiors, the region’s most premium shisha & cocktails selection, handcrafted beverages and an ingredient-led gastronomic experiential menu.

The main dining restaurant & the interiors are warm, soft, and lush with greens. Modern pieces of large art and greenery are strategically placed throughout the open restaurant to give each table a more private experience. At night, the ambiance evolves to ensure you enjoy your dinner, drinks & shisha late into the night.

Shisha is served indoors & outdoors. A special shisha menu complements the great selection of food & drinks that ensure your visit is satisfactory & memorable.