2022-09-07 - In the district of Lagos

Scope of Work:

  • Concept Development
  • Market Research
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Feasibility Study

THÉO is an intimate space to meet, dine & socialize right in the heart of the busy downtown district of Lagos. Set within the astounding modern architecture of the Pantheon building, it encapsulates good living with natural textures & lighting while indulging all senses through food & ambiance.

Derived from the Greek word ‘God’s gift’ Théo, written the French way is a take on the Roman Pantheon. As Pantheon means abode of the God’s, Théo is an extension of the Pantheon, sitting as a gift of the God’s in its center. Strong & masculine name with European heritage & relatability to Pantheon.

Influenced by cuisines of the Mediterranean variety, with Italian, Greek, and French influences, it has inspired our food menu to be an amalgamation of the best flavors adapted to Nigerian tastes. Fusing French & international flavors & ingredients with locally sourced produce & Nigerian tastes, we intend to be a relevant & top of mind choice for the best food in town.