2014-05-01 - Your Satisfaction Is Our True Pleasure

Scope of Work:

  • Brand Identity Development
  • Concept Development
  • Feasibility Study

1 Holding approached RSI to help them bring 3rd Avenue to Dubai.

Start your journey with a truly unforgettable FOIE GRAS served with toasted Pan Brioche, homemade red onion jam & toasted Duck skin. Or be exotic! Try the intriguingly tasteful GRILLED OCTOPUS, flavored with lemon zest & served with bell peppers & tofu.

The 3rd Avenue Menu is best enjoyed in the ambience of 3rd Avenue, cooked & served fresh, as they do not deliver, they do not want to compromise on the taste or your experience of the fine cuisines. But they are happy to serve any special request they can; your satisfaction is their true pleasure.

Welcome to 3rd Avenue, we wish you a glorious journey of gastronomy & pleasure!