Urban Asian Concept

2013-06-19 - Seriously Hot Asian

At the Wok Shop we don’t do much except serve the most delicious, fresh and flavorful meals with Classic Asian Cooking methods in a Searing Hot Chinese ‘Wok’.

That’s pretty much what The Wok Shop is about - Fresh, Nutritious, Tasty WOK meals, cooked in front of you and served in minutes at a reasonable price.

We’ve made sure you never forget that you are in one of the coolest looking Wok Shops, very Urban, very New York Loft with some Asian Japanese minimalistic trends we threw in to keep up with the times....

The coolest part though is to watch The Wok Shop do what it does best, which is - WOKing up searing hot woks right in front of you. Flames & Heat, Mouth- watering Aroma & Friendly Helpful people is the Vibe we want you take back along with your meal.

Scope of work:

• Brand Identity & Brand Communication
• Concept Creation
• Feasibility Studies