Organic Veggie Restaurant

2013-07-01 - 77 Veggies & Glow

Scope of Work :

  • Brand Identity Development
  • Concept Development
  • Menu Design
  • Head Hunt
  • Operational Manuals
  • F&B Management & Staff Trainings

We just loved the idea! When we started work on 77, it needed a fresh organic appeal to elevate the ‘misunderstood’ reputation of Veggies. We envisioned a brand that would appeal to everybody, carnivores & herbivores alike. (We already knew the taste would be delicious of course!) 77 was just waiting to happen! The first step was the Brand Identity, we saw it fresh & it just ‘grew’ from there, the leaves, retro feel & natural textures gave a personality to 77 that we feel does it justice.

From there our task just got more fun, it was so easy to talk ‘veggie’. At RSI, we are big advocates of Organic & Natural, (in fact we sort of forecasted this new trend would become a way of life very soon in UAE in 2012 (Pro Chef) when others found it ‘difficult to keep on the shelves’). So it was a no brainer when we started ‘working’ on carrots, watermelon, aubergines & everything around us just ‘glowed’. From there came the now infamous ’77 Veggies & Glow’…

To complete our task, as usual, we sat ourselves down with the lovely Vivacious Owner, Roma & the enthusiastic team & everybody enjoyed our Operational Trainings amidst loads of our favorite NKDs.

Time flew by & armed with ‘Restaurant Secrets’, 77 Veggie Boutique opened up to raving reviews at JLT Dubai.


Operational in JLT, Dubai, since July 2013