Waterfront Café

2022-01-08 - Make Your Entrance

After the success of our brands The Hamptons & The Victorian we were inspired to continue our journey of Heritage Cafés with our next turn-key creation The Duchess. A brand inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s, we could just see its monochrome black & white patterns come to life with the tiffany blue accents & burst of color from delicious food & patisseries. A live pastry studio beside a coffee bar ensured rich aromas of vanilla mingled with cacao & spiced fruits. The Duchess is our tribute to everything classic yet confidently contemporary. Just as royalty never goes out of fashion, this café was conceptualized to evolve with changing times, built on a strong foundation of good food & charming interiors with a nonchalant attitude that whatever life brings along, one can tackle it with a good cup of tea. Add to that its unrivaled beachfront location, The Duchess is a concept built to last in the hands of a worthy owner.


Scope of Work:

• Brand Identity & VEX
• Concept Creation
• Concept Brochure
• Concept Video
• Concept Ambience Decor Consultancy
• Construction Supervision
• Post - Opening Consultancy Support
• Menu Consultancy
• General Research
• F&B Brand Management Planning
• Operation System Training
• Pre-Opening Support
• Kitchen Design
• Interior Design
• Head Hunt
• Website Development


Operational in La Mer, Dubai, since November 2017

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