2021-05-20 - Californian Vibes

Scope of work:

  • Concept Development
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Menu Engineering
  • Interior Design
  • Brand Management

Pokesan is an urban social brand with Californian vibes that believes in bringing Abu Dhabi together over great food & relaxing moments in a social dining space.

This brand focuses on good food, cooked right, served fast, and serves poke and acai bowls, Californian trends with dessert boards and is an extension of our delicious pastas and small bites served all day.

Pokesan is casual, yet confidently trendy & sophisticated in its use of technology & lifestyle choices. The interiors reflect a lifestyle frequented in Hawaii, California, LA, Dubai & Melbourne.

This brand's story is built around the Poke and Acai bar. This ‘meeting place’ is the focal feature of the brand. Their products are showcased either in full physical form (Poke, Acai, smoothies, desserts) or via smart menu placements (chalkboards, surfboard menus, screens, QR codes).