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2020-08-13 - Authentic Iraqi Food in Traditional Surroundings

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Bestoon Samad Restaurant, the fifth branch of the Samad Group Restaurants and the first outside of Iraq located at Al Ghurair, Deira in Dubai.

At the beginning of seventies, Kakah Samad (owner of the Samad group Restaurants) begin his voyage with this work as simple worker at a public restaurant in Kirkuk, the city in the north of iraq. But in 1980, he decided to have his own restaurant and actually he did.

At the end of ninety's; He decided to open a third branch also in Almansour city under the name of the one of his sons who is called Bestoon Samad and it became (Bestoon Samad Restaurant).At last;but not finally the fourth branch is opened in Arbil which bears the name of Samad Restaurant. In this way Samad Restaurant group has founded.