Organic Ice Cream Parlor

2017-08-15 - Natural Fun-Loving Goodness

Reyo is a sweet treat & ice cream brand that completely reinvents the ice cream scene. Colourful bowls of fruity lollipop goodness served in biodegradable dipping bowls of heavenly chocolate are the signature offering. But if a more traditional ice cream cone is your preference— Reyo has a selection of organic flavors to choose from.


Scope of Work:

  • Concept Creation (including Concept Idea & Business Model Canvas)
  • Brand Identity Development (including Logo & Full Stationery Set)
  • Feasibility study
  • Concept Brochure
  • Video Design
  • Uniform Development
  • Interior Design Inpiration
  • 3D Kiosk Design
  • Branding Guidelines (Visual Standards Manual)
  • Back Of The House Design


Opening in 2018