Organic Ice Cream Parlor

2017-08-15 - Natural Fun-Loving Goodness

Turn-Key Scope of Work:

  • Concept Development
  • Feasibility Study
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Interior Design
  • Kitchen Design & Layout
  • Menu Engineering
  • Head Hunt
  • F&B Management & Staff Training
  • Pre-Opening Support
  • Brand Management

Reyo is a sweet treat & ice cream brand that completely reinvents the ice cream scene. Colourful bowls of fruity lollipop goodness served in biodegradable dipping bowls of heavenly chocolate are the signature offering. But if a more traditional ice cream cone is your preference— Reyo has a selection of organic flavors to choose from.

Reyo (derived from Rio) stands for Refreshing, Environmentally Friendly, Yummy & Organic. This name immediately associates itself with a brand that’s colourful, refreshing and full of life.

Reyo’s ice creams are not just good in taste but good to the environment too. Served in reusable biodegradable containers, each truly organic ice cream or ice lolly has ingredients that were responsibly sourced from around the world.


Opening in 2018