Kiosk & Food Truck

2021-02-22 - Fun, delicious & simply affordable

A fun concept, the brainchild of a dynamic young Entrepreneur Sara Kasim, Papa Pingo is a globally successful concept that is ready to hit the roads of Dubai! Inspired by everybody’s love for the taste & aroma of fresh baking cakes, Sara Qasim instantly fell in love with this delicious street fare on a visit to Korea. From there started the long & patient process of creating a fun brand that would bring some new, simple, affordable and incredibly delicious fare to every mall in Dubai.

The Special theme is the Penguin, a character best known for fun & playful antics. The name Papa Pingo seemed the best fit for what we are all about – a fun, young, simply affordable Kiosk that sells delicious snacks for everybody of all ages to enjoy.

Everything about Papa Pingo is fun, delicious & simply affordable. The cool hi-tech Korean Machines are fully automated & hands-free, right from making cake sandwiches in an instant to packaging them in our customized packs, ready to carry or pick up while on the go.

Scope of work:

•   Brand Identity & Brand Communication
•   Concept Creation
•   Feasibility Studies
•   Menu development & Recipe Manuals
•   Kiosk & Interior Design
•   Food photography & food styling
•   Head Hunt
•   Operational Manuals


Operational in Dubai Mall Metro Link, Shop Number 25, Dubai, since April 2015