Café & Bakery

2014-10-19 - Dessert Boutique

Scope of Work:

  • Brand Identity Development
  • Concept Development
  • Feasibility Study

Manna Dessert Boutique is a proudly-run family business that continues to uphold its core values and traditions since 1969. The family is dedicated to continue Manna’s legacy for eternity, and have vowed to provide the same mentorship, guidance and inspiration to the team as Manna did.

Proudly pleasing Egypt with their sweet and savory products for almost 50 years, Manna continues to amaze and satisfy... very soon in Dubai. Unveiling a legacy with a brand new look, Manna Dessert boutique – depuis 1969 is something Dubai can’t wait to devour!

With a totally new look, Manna is being re-launched in Dubai as the flagship store for its Middle East expansion plans.