Franchisable Food Truck

2014-09-30 - Warehouse Burgers

Approached by a young Emirati Entrepreneur with an exciting idea & passion for food, we found ourselves conceptualizing the first Food Truck concept designed for the UAE. Kalepo’s is a truly fun & exciting concept that lives in a cool vintage Citroen Van, an iconic, noble and unique masterpiece of art & utility from post World War II era. The Citroen Van is a French legacy of beauty & simplicity in design inspired by German Junker aircrafts.

Kalepo’s keep it simple where it really matters. Gourmet burgers & home made desserts & sides are our core offering. Usually found at outdoor venues like sport, concert & family events, Kalepo’s can also be exclusively hired for corporate or private events.

Scope of work:

• Brand Identity & Brand Communication
• Concept Creation
• Feasibility Studies