Chaklat Factory

2022-05-19 -

Scope of Work:

  • Concept Development

Our story starts with the uniqueness of our name. Chaklat is how UAE locals colloquially pronounce Chocolate. Hanan Mubader started Chaklat, UAE’s first Emirati Chocolatier brand in 2018. Over the past 4 years, it has grown from home to office to now very soon Chocolatier in the skies with the National carrier Etihad Airways. Our special promise is to always serve you homemade chocolates, curated from the finest European infused with Emirati flavors & trends.

Chaklat Factory aims to serve the young urban family.This is such an important aspect of our brand and will be achieved focusing on the varying needs of our target market and thus delivering experience, activities, food, and facilities to create a holistic family-oriented experience.

To bring family & chocolates together under one roof. We want to showcase the tastes & passion of the Emirati community towards Chocolate. With the advantage of being launched in a city that craves new exciting & luxurious experiences, Abu Dhabi, Chaklat factory presents an experience unique to other Chocolatiers as well as Cafés.