Café & Bakery

2014-11-12 - Good things bloom..Great things blossom

Scope of Work:

  • Head Hunt (Executive Pastry Chef)

Blossom Sweets offers only the best selections of cakes, cupcakes and mouthwatering desserts. Started in 2011 by two Emirati sisters from Abu Dhabi with shared interests of creativity and passion, Blossom Sweets has become the only shop that offers a variety of modern, classic and fusion Middle Eastern flavors.

It all began at a young age when they began baking for close family and friends. This is where the concept was created when they found their passion in baking and design and creating art through food.

They make it their goal to be fully involved in all areas of the business and all every level. They are continuously growing and have plenty plans for the future. The name Blossom Sweets has a great meaning behind. The word Blossom comes from the idea that they are always growing, blooming and the little bird in the logo sums up the owners, “freedom and creativity”.

Their motto says it all. Good things bloom, great things blossom.


Operational in Al Muroor Road, Abu Dhabi, since 2011