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  • Concept Research & Rationale
    All great ideas start with a simple thought. We provide you with the Concept Idea Presentation, which starts with thorough industry research conducted by our Research & Development Team, after which a unique concept is strategized, planned and created.
  • Concept Idea with 'Raison D'etre'
    The Concept Idea Presentation forms the creative foundation of all collaterals, it is the first step to brining your restaurant dream to life.
  • Business Model Canvas Development
    Greatness cannot be achieved without a monumental blueprint, and that’s what the Business Model Canvas is. BMC includes, market analysis for concept justification, concept description, brand blueprint, brand communication, brand visuals, brand experience, product, profit channels, operations, HR, marketing brand identity, etc.
  • Full Identity formation
    We create brand identity that delivers that initial promise or initial feeling it has invoked in the customer through its product, service and experience. By identifying what makes you exciting and bringing that to life, we can help craft a powerful brand which adds tremendous value to your restaurant.
  • Conceptual Brochure / Company Profile
    Brand's entire concept visualized and expressed via a professionally designed brochure using inspirational images.
  • Conceptual Promotional Video
    Brand’s Concept Brochure visualized and expressed via a video presentation.
  • Conceptual Uniform design
    Our effective branding strategy is consistent & creative and uniforms play big role in communicating this message across to the consumer. We make sure we deliver the message across. We will create a uniform inspirational file for BOH and FOH staff.
  • Conceptual Interior Inspirational Mood Board
    We will create an inspirational design mood board related to brand look and feel.
  • Comprehensive Five Years Feasibility Study
    The difference between well-managed companies and not-so-well managed companies is the degree of attention they pay to the numbers. We offer you in this study up to 5 Years Operating Projections/Comprehensive Feasibility Study. Only your numbers can tell you if your restaurant is performing the way it should be or not. Let's help you in starting right.
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