Storm in a teacup

2018-10-13 - Global takeover of the famous zafran tea

Global takeover

Rafih’s nickname “Filli” was lovingly given to him by his schoolmates. Over the years, the name stuck and eventually became synonymous with one of Dubai’s best-loved tea cafes. Filli’s famous zafran tea is quite literally a game changer. Sourcing the finest saffron from around the globe, Mr. Filli unlocked the secret formula which won over the hearts of Dubai and quickly catching on to the rest of the world.

Now an icon in its own right, the Filli brand shows Rafih’s personal commitment to bringing his signature tea to tea lovers across the globe. But Rafih did not want to stop there; he came to RSI with an even more ambitious dream to uplift and refresh the brand by developing a trendier outlet with premium offering. We bring you Filli Select.

Filli Select brings friends and families together in a social space over a cup of tea and snacks. With a personal story behind the brand- it resonates well with those inspired by homegrown stories of success. Casual with an understated elegance, the trendy interiors of Filli Select hint at the mother brand but maintains its own personality and identity.

The new Filli Select menu appeals to international tastes and caters to different needs- from quick, on-the-go snacks, sit-down sharing dishes, walk-and-eat offerings and signature beverages. With the aim to have a global footprint, Filli Select standardizes its operations and recipes so the same experience is consistent wherever you are in the world.

Turn Key Solutions

  • Brand Identity Development (including Logo & Full Stationery Set)
  • Business Video
  • Brochure / Profile
  • Uniform Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Menu Consultancy
  • Concept Ambiance Décor Consultancy
  • Location Consultancy 
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