BOH (Back of House Operations) Analysis

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We will evaluate your entire BOH operations, from production, receiving and storing procedures, HACCP & Safety to recipe standardization, sooking methods, interviewing your BOH staff and evaluate their motivational levels, etc.

  • Analysis of Receiving & Storing Procedures in Practice.
  • Analysis of HACCP & Safety Compliance in Store.
  • Analysis of Inventory Systems & Controls for Daily, Weekly & Monthly Inventory Reporting Compliance.
  • Analysis of Store’s Prepping & Cooking Methods & Control Systems.
  • Analysis of Store’s Food Cost Control, Waste Systems in place.
  • Analysis of Store’s Recipe Standardization & Presentation.
  • Analysis of Staff Job Descriptions & Productivity based on Sales & Labor hours.
  • Senior Chef Interview & Performance evaluation based on Industry standard guidelines.
  • Analysis of Training Status, skilled staff training programs in place.
  • Staff motivation & appraisal systems in place or l acking.
  • RSI Recommendations on performance & improvement through report.
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